“The Bible was written centuries ago.
Christians today really cannot use it as a guide
for living.”

Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have
considered more than one point of view. (10 marks) 250-375 words.

The bible was written centuries ago, which some say means that it is obsolete and not
very useful as a guide for living. They feel it doesn’t offer much of a solution for modern
issues such as abortion and the environment, and concentrates on things which we would
consider out of date.

The world has changed so greatly from when the Bible was written, and people’s
psychology and morals are much different. In biblical times women were considered
inferior, there was no political correctness, and there were fewer issues relating to
technology and morality. Many people have therefore said the Bible is of no use as a
guide for living, as its solutions are impractical and inapplicable to modern society.

An example of an issue which the Bible does not help with is abortion. People are left to
guess what they are supposed to do because abortion was not around in biblical times.
Different churches have taken different stances towards it, however it is constantly
debated within these churches. They argue their case according to other teachings from
the bible which could shed light on whether it is acceptable.

Other however would argue that the Bible may be old, however the morals within can be
applied to modern society. They would argue that parables such as the parable of the
Good Samaritan could be related to modern situations. The moral of that parable is to
help people in need, which today could be helping a pensioner who is being mugged, or
taking an injured person to hospital.

The Ten Commandments are certainly very simple compared to laws today, however
most Christians and gentiles alike will agree with them as rules for living.

In conclusion I think that the Bible is not outdated, because although it lacks specific
definition on modern situation, it contains morals which can shed light as to what to do in
such scenarios.