How might the Bible influence a Christianís
attitude towards abortion?

Abortion is a very controversial subject, and Christianity does not have one specific
stance on it, because the bible doesnít refer to abortion directly. However different
churches have opinions on abortion, due to related issues in the bible.

Life is sacred, and in Genesis it states Ďbe fruitful and increase in number, fill the Earth
and subdued it. Rule over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, and every other
living creature that moves on the ground. Therefore holding back the growth of the
population would be against Godís will. This is one reason why many Christians oppose

Also it breaks the sixth commandment, which is Ďdo not killí. This causes a debate as to
whether the foetus is actually living or not. Catholics believe that the baby is alive
independently at the moment of conception. Some believe that it is alive when its heart
starts beating. Some Christians, such as Methodists or Anglicans, believe that life does
not begin until the baby has a chance of surviving outside of itís motherís womb. These
Christians however donít think abortion is a good thing, and they believe that it should
only be used if it avoids greater evils. For example if the baby were conceived by rape
they would understand if it was aborted.

The Bible would certainly change a Christianís attitude to abortion. However the message
or opinion they develop from reading the Bible depends on their own perception of it.
Fundamentalists, who take the Bible as the direct word of God, would most likely be
opposed to abortion as a result. More liberal people would most likely still be opposed to
abortion, but to a lesser extent, and might support it if greater evils are avoided. Most
Christians who read the bible will probably develop the opinion that abortion is an evil,
and is a sin, but to different extents.